Industrial Buildings are strictly functional machines where concerns of efficiency, security & economy are paramount. The structures must also be energy efficient & environmentally responsive, as they use a large amount of energy.

In the factory building design the responsiveness of the design can be directly perceived in the facades – the washing plant with its double height spaces & large-scale machines are covered by a continuous screen & tree canopies, the storage floor are mostly solid due to security concerns, the RMG floors has a brise-soleil that cuts direct sun while allowing views & wind-flow, the dining spaces & offices has terraces with plantation & sitting.

Danish Foods at Narayanganj

Essential Clothing RMG at Mouchak (Phase 2)

Fashion Gears RMG at Hatiabo

Multitech Apparels RMG at Gazipur

Essential Clothing RMG at Mouchack (Phase 1)

Silken Sewing RMG at Vobanipur

Southwest Composite RMG at Chandra

Silken Sewing RMG at Vobanipur