About Us


MW3 Design+Partners is an architectural consultancy firm which provides architectural, engineering, planning & construction services for a variety of architectural, urban design & master planning projects. Founded in 2013.The office is comprised of young talented architects who challenge the conventions of contemporary architectural practices.


Design is intelligence made visible, and here in
MW3 Design+Partners, we consider it our responsibility to produce a considered & rational design that is responsive to the environment & context as well as to the client’s need. In it’s brief existence, the firm has successfully completed large scale industrial projects, as well as designing a variety of other projects– ranging from residential & interiors to health care &
master planning.


In MW3 Design + Partners, we focus on a collaborative process with our clients. We believe that from site design to detailed architectural design, sustainability and a thoughtful use of building code goes a long way. We have a diversified portfolio that encompasses Residential, Interior, Industry, Religious, Urban ,Educational and Health care Design and we aspire to do more for creating better built environments for people.

Analysis/Analytical works should be connected with the Practical
of academic outcome. Experimental works that opens in a new window of experience is architectural field.

Our Design pattern.