Residential Spaces in the context of Bangladesh, particularly in Dhaka city, is highly dense & compact. Here concerns of economy space & ergonomics are vital – the latter often compromised by local developers. They also represent a
potential to be improved upon – in areas of passive design, permanence & adaptability.

In design of Vacation houses, a feeling of openness & oneness with nature is desired – as it presents the opportunity to escape from the concrete jungle. In Hatiabo, we got the opportunity to extend the transition between building & nature, by redesigning the landscape & pool (built by others).

Apartment at Aminbazar

Apartment at Azimpur

Apartment at Bashundhara

Apartment at Comilla

Home Renovation at Chittagong

Residence at Keraniganj

Vacation HOuse at Feni

residence at shariatpur

Residence at Nikunja

Vacation House at Mouchak

Vacation House at Hatiabo

“Air Sex” è una commedia, non un fenomeno pornografico, quindi i principi qui sono appropriati: nessuno si spoglia, non spruzza il seme sul palco (seriamente, è una delle prime regole del club) e non raffigura il sesso acquisto cialis naturalistico. In altre parole, la foto e anche il video delle competizioni del sesso aereo possono essere visualizzate al lavoro – la nudità non è lì, anche se a volte puoi convessare leggermente.

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